Mexico Vacation In Cancun

We’re going to discuss one of the most dazzling places Mexico has to offer. If you’ve never been to Cancun, this is a place you need to put on your must travel list. I actually recently took a vacation to Cancun and stayed at an all-inclusive resort (which if you’ve done, you definitely need to try!).

Since I just recently got back from Cancun, I’m going to start off there. I stayed at a place called Secrets which is located right on the beach. This all-inclusive resort had 5 dine-in restaurants, 3 different pools, and enough bars to keep you nicely buzzed for your entire stay no matter where you were at in the resort. They have a bunch of fun activities nearby including cruising on a canal in between jungle landscape, yacht rentals, jet ski’s, and honestly pretty much anything else you could ask for during a beach vacation. My favorite restaurant at the resort was the Chinese place located on the 12th floor. Although I didn’t try all 5 places, the outside grill located by the main pool was also excellent.

The activities we partook in were also extremely noteworthy. We rented 100-foot megayacht for 5 hours and went to one of the nicest beaches in the world. The yacht came with cooks and a bartender so we had a nice meal and drank a lot of drinks. We posted up in the water for a few hours, jumped off the diving board 2 stories up from the yacht, and swam around for a while. All in all it was an incredible experience I’ll never forget. The owner of Poly’s Towing recommended I do this and it was truly a once in a lifetime experience.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an awesome Mexico vacation in Cancun, I highly recommend this resort. The beautiful city was safe and had tons to offer so even if you don’t stay at this specific resort, make sure that Cancun is on your future vacation list. …

Jamaica Family Vacation: 5 Reasons to Leave your All-inclusive Resort

The unique culture, diverse landscape, spectacular white sand beaches, music, natural beauty, and amazing food are just some of reasons why travelers from all over the world come to the beautiful island of Jamaica. Often referred to as “the land of wood and water,” Jamaica’s world-class adventure and travel experiences go beyond the brilliant sunsets, pristine beaches, and crystal clear turquoise waters the island shares with other destinations in the Caribbean. You won’t find the towering waterfalls, majestic mountain peaks, diverse landscape, and surging inland rivers in Jamaica anywhere else in this world. 

If you’re planning to have an all-inclusive vacation, you don’t want to limit yourself within the walls of the resort. Here’s how you can make the most of your family vacation in Jamaica. 

Consider Making Ocho Rios your Base of Operations

While there’s so much you can do in Montego Bay and other areas, you might want to consider having Ochos Rios as your base of operations since most of Jamaica’s tourism development is on the north shore. Ocho Rios features the greatest selection of family-friendly beaches and resorts. Staying with your family in Ocho Rios will allow you to explore most family attractions in the area without having to go far. Popular attractions for families in Ocho Rios include an up-close-and-personal dolphin experience at Dolphin Cove, the famous Green grotto tours, Mystic Mountain zip lining, Dunn’s River Falls, and the Kool Runnings rides. 

Eat at Least one Meal off-resort

The fact that you’re staying in an all-inclusive resort doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try out some of the dining options at one of the roadside jerk restaurants in Jamaica. How will you experience the local cuisine then? Get off your resort and grab the island’s signature cuisine of fish, chicken, or pork prepared over a smoky pimento wood at one of the roadside restaurants. Ocho Rios has some of the best jerk restaurants on the island. 

Explore the other Coastline

Don’t limit your adventure to the island’s north coast alone. Remember you’re just using Ocho Rios as your base of operations. Why not take a day trip to the southern shoreline and explore the YS Falls as you enjoy a range of activities including zip lining, picnicking, exploring a series of waterfalls, and swinging over a natural pool? Be sure to explore the Black River with a guided boat excursion as well. 

Try Voluntourism

You can enrich your Jamaica vacation through a voluntourism experience to one of the local learning institutions, where you can donate school supplies, interact with the local students, or just inspire them to do their best. You only need to devote a couple of hours to this and your picture-perfect vacation will be part of something bigger than yourself. Your small devotion to volunteer work could become the highlight of your vacation in Jamaica. 

Learn some History in Kingston

Jamaica’s capital, Kingston is home to a range of family-friendly attractions. Don’t just think of it as a city of business and culture. There’s so much you’ll learn about the local culture from Kingston but there’s some history to explore here too. Be sure to visit the George Stiebel’s residence, a National Heritage Trust Monument now referred to as the Devon House. Stiebel was the first black millionaire in Jamaica. Don’t worry about your kids finding the house exciting. The ice cream shop on the grounds has got them covered.